According to the Daily News: " The Mets have had brief discussions about free agent first baseman Chad Tracy, 29, who has played all six seasons of his career with Arizona. ..."Thanks to Metsblog for the link.So I got to thinking how might that discussion have went?Ricco:   Hey Omar, pass the cream cheese.   We gotta do something about this, you always hogging the cream cheese.Omar:   Can't help it, juknowwhatimsayin?Ricco:   Guy at the counter gave me a tip off.   Said Tracy was interested in coming here.Omar:   Who's she?Ricco: Not she the guy from the Dbacks.Omar:   I don't wanna talk about it.   Jerry is my manager and I am sticking with him.Ricco:   What the hell are you talking about?   He plays 1B.Omar:   I know Helton is injured a lot but now they got player managers?   Hey what position did Manuel play?Ricco:   That's Jim Tracy and he manages the Rockies.   I am talking about Chad Tracy.Omar:   So he manages the Dbacks?   We gotta good relationship with those guys.   Keep in touch.Ricco:   Dammit Omar, I said he plays 1B.Omar:   For who?   Who plays 1B?Ricco: Chad Tracy, he's a FA and is interested in coming here.Omar:   Dang, Ricco you sure do take a long time to make a point.   Is he any good?Ricco:   He has been injured for a while but he had a decent run till 2007.   Plays 3B and a little OF too.Omar:   We already gotta 3B so lets keep in touch.Ricco:   1B Omar, 1B.Omar:   Oh yeah?   What side does he bat from?Ricco:   Hmmm, I think he's left handed.   Let me check my favorite source.     Uh... he may be RH.   But now I am confused he does not want to pitch in NY.Omar:   Forget about him then.   We need pitching.Just trying to have a little fun this morning.   All in jest.   Back to more serious post later today.