Ok most of us have seen this obvious abuse of power by Mets management.  Some of course made comments about the race of who was used... sigh.  But one thing that did stand out to me is there is no Ike. 

Granted, I am the first one to say don't read too much into public messages but I think this fits in line with what we already know.  Ike has a very slim chance of staying with the Mets in 2014 and for all intents in purposes that's his own fault. 

Last week Ike said what he is supposed to say, that he wants to stay in NY:

Ike realizes trade is possible, wants to stay with Mets

This is in contrast to what he said this summer according to reports from Mike Francesa. 

Also, notice that Duda was in the video along with Niese and Gee.  It appears the front office is content with what they have at 1B and are anticipating Duda and others to man 1B and Ike to be shipped off in a deal.  

Again, this is mostly pointless trying to determine what the Mets are thinking based on a very cheesy Holiday card, but what else do we have to talk about?