As many of you already know, I was out at Citi Field today for Opening Day. (Well really, where else would I be?)  I met so many bloggers and people that I've probably been watching games next to for years. One of which was TRDMB's own Rustyjr!  I posted a more succinct review to Optimistic Mets Fan, So here's my photo tribute to Citi Field today, and all the fun I had.  Full album on Picasa here.Black Cats are special to the Mets.  So I take this as a great omen to the season.<!--more-->I did. And they did.Beer awaiting delivery.Despite what's just on the other side of the street, the stadium does look nice from this side.Who wouldn't want to buy a stuffed pretzel?Mr. Met Pillow Thing.Some of the food options in the Acela ClubVideo of the Anthem and the flag unfurling.AnthemWhy we all come to the park