This year's Opening Day snuck up on me.  I, unlike so many others, didn't have a countdown going.  To tell you the truth, after what the Mets went through this winter with the Madoff nonsense and the lack of any serious acquisitions, I just plain put the start of the 2012season on the back burner.Earlier this week, I sat down at this very laptop and began writing about how the Phillies might have a tough summer.  Then I changed my mind and began thinking about how the other teams in the East might not be as strong.  Wishing thinking I know.And then it hit me....I'm so busy Hating that I forgot.I have this problem that I want to share.  You see, I want every team to fail....miserably.  I watched the Marlins get beat by the Cardinals and loved every second of it.  Although I wrote a while ago that I wouldn't boo Jose Reyes when he ever returned to Citi Field, I would have to admit now that I might change my mind.  I want the Marlins to fail, along with the Phillies, Braves and Nats.  But you know as well as I do that it just can't happen.  The Phillies may have a tough year but they are a serious contender....along with the Braves and possible Marlins.That was my mindset Tuesday night.  It was like the season was already over and Johan didn't even get a chance to throw a strike.And then 1:45 occurred.  That's was the time yesterday when I got in my car and turned on the WFAN.Something miraculous happened....I forgot about the other teams.I forgot all that happened this winter.I forgot all the negative press and jokes.I forgot about all the predictions.I forgot all this and listened to the sweet sound of broadcasted baseball over free radio....just as it was meant to be.I realized that it wasn't some divine intervention nor a miracle, it was Opening Day when every team in the league has the same record.For three hours yesterday, everything evaporated into vapor and it was just me and the Mets.Within minutes of my drive,  I was banging on the dashboard in my car when Johan got out of the base loaded jam.  I found myself screaming when David Wright knocked in the first RBI of the season...God I love this team.  Tell me is there any better?After an awkward park of the car in the street in front of my house, I managed to run inside to at least hear Gary Kieth and Ron put the game to bed.Like always, when the last out was recorded, I marked a W on my cut out Daily News Met schedule taped to my refrigerator.It never gets boring.....ever.Hey did you check the standings this morning?  The Mets are tied for first in the N.L. East.I figured I would warn you of that lame joke some Yankee/Phillie/Met Hater will tell you.When you hear it, just smile.After all, for the day, it's true.