Your 2010 New York Mets opening day lineup. (props go to Kevin B on twitter, where I saw it first)Look ma, no hands!1 - Alex Cora SS (2009 on-base percentage of .320)2 -   Luis Castillo 2B3 -   David Wright 3B4 -   Mike Jacobs 1B (2009 OPS of .698)5 -   Jason Bay LF6 -   Gary Matthews Jr. CF (2009 OPS of .697)7 -   Jeff Francoeur RF8 -   Rod Barajas C9 - Johan Santana PDiscuss amongst yourselves the merits of batting a guy with a 2009 OBP of .320 leadoff and a guy with a 2009 OPS below .700 batting in one of the most crucial spots in the lineup. Thanks Jerry.