UPDATE: With the announced opening of the Mets museum on opening day Shannon from Mets Police will be starting the meet up at 10 a.m instead of 10:30. We will still meet at the apple and then head over to be some of the first people to ever see the museum !!!! ( hopefully)I just got a e-mail from Shannon over at Metspolice.com updating me on the status of his Opening Day Meet up of the Blue Cap Armythat he has invited us to attend, Here is the e-mail.Hello Blue Cap Army!I am very excited for opening day as you are, and thanks for signing up for our meet-up.I have heard back from McFadden's. They welcome us to come by on Monday!Let's assemble at the Apple (the one from Shea) which has migrated to a new home in front of the Jackie Robinson rotunda. I'll be the guy in a pinstriped Mets jersey, last name "Mets Police" #86. For now let's make the plan to meet at 10:30 unless the weather goes south. McFadden's would be excited to see us between 11 and 1, and I still don't know if the the Hall of Fame museum will even be open.Some basic rules:1. This is about fun. No negativity. We're not there to be jerks to each other, we're not there to make fun of your obscure Mets jersey nor will we walk around looking for mistakes on a brick. We will enjoy all the great modifications the Mets have made to Citi Field.2. Wear a blue Mets cap. It is a blue cap army after all.3. If you choose to go to McFadden's, that's of your own choice and you're responsible for your own behavior. I personally plan to hang around the Apple until about 10:55, then will walk over to McFadden's to avail myself of the special promotion they are running.4. We're not an actual army. We won't be attacking anyone and firearms are not welcome.I will also be there at around 10:15 ( I'll be wearing my Rusty Staub 1985 throw back jersey) sharp so whoever is making it to opening day please stop by to say hi, mingle and possible get their fill of the alkeehol at McFaddens Pub. Please give me a heads up if you plan to attend.Go check out Shannon's site at http://metspolice.com/                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Opening Day- By The Apple - BE THERE !