Just for the record: I hate the Yankees. I want to see them fail and I love to watch them lose. However, since it seems that the Mets have to shed payroll to free up some money which in turn, will enable Sandy Alderson to sign Jose Reyes to a long term deal, it only makes sense to trade a very expensive player in K-Rod. Which leads me to the following conclusion: K-Rod would be a perfect fit for the Yankees.Hell, he practically wrote them a love letter a few weeks ago when he said that not only will he set up for a contender but waive his option if he could sign a multi-year contract. I've been reading a lot about K-Rod's 17 million dollar option.  It looks like a lot of teams are afraid of it.   That's just perfect for the Yankees, now they won't have to worry about another team sneaking into Citi Field and grabbing him. Nobody could afford him.So why won't Cashman pull the trigger? Is it because he has plenty of arms in the bullpen.Not exactly.The great Mariano Riveria( who blew a save against the Mets last week) is skipping the All-Star Game due to some tricep pain. It's not secret that he's getting older. Isn't Rafeal Soriano, the former closer of the Tampa Rays currently on the DL himself with some elbow issues? Oh and that Joba guy....my father called that injury two years ago.  I know the kids Robertson and Logan are good, but that's very slim going into the playoffs.You see, I think Cashman has a major dilemma on his hands. He claims that he doesn't need K-Rod because he's waiting for Rafeal Soriano to come off the DL. He's being patient.Cashman will use K-Rod's option and his bull pen arms as an excuse not to sign him...but he's lying. I know the reason.Brian Cashman is afraid of trading for K-Rod because he doesn't want to get burned again.That's right...again.I think Cashman took a real hit when he signed Pedro Feliciano last year. He thought he was smarter than the Mets who let him go and now he feels like a fool for signing a player that's basically done.And he doesn't want that to happen again.But it must be killing him because just when he might need another power arm in the bullpen, along comes K-Rod, a pitcher who wants to set-up Rivera but has closer stuff. A player that is purely a salary dump, a slam dunk, a pitch right down the middle of the plate and Cashman is got the bat on his shoulders because in the back of his mind he may be thinking about another train wreck. Imagine he trades for K-Rod, takes on the salary, signs him as a set up man and the whole thing blows up in his face?As a Met fan, that would be awesome.As a Yankee fan, that would be a nightmare.For Cashman, it could be the cost of another championship and worst off, more egg on his face.Thoughts?