Somewhere...deep in the bowels of America's unemployment abyss, you may hear a familiar laughter emanating. This laughter is coming from none other than Jerry Manuel. You may ask "why is someone that is unemployed so happy". Ill tell ya, he is laughing at the 2011 New York Mets. Here is a man who was one of the many focal points of Mets fan(myself included) venom. He represented the "losing" ways of the New York Mets and needed to go. Jerry Manuel laugh at the Mets current state comes from deep down in his gut...where he does most of his decision making. The Mets, who were supposed to be so much better now that he is gone have set a record for the WORST home start through 9 games in franchise history. As that little tidbit marinates in your mind, you may begin to decipher more than one voice in this laugh. One very familiar one is emanating from Howard Johnson. Howard Johnson is laughing at the teams .238 average, the lowest since 2003. As a prestigious member of the Mets venom club, Howard even had his own chant..."Fire Hojo".  Many fans called for his head and while April is not over yet, stats say they have hit better under Hojo.Now, im not saying that the Mets would have done better under either of these two guys. Im just pointing out that this team is historically bad and is not looking like its getting any better. I dont know if this is a product of the players not executing, coaches not being clear, guys not buying into Collins or just the aftermath of the Omar administration. Just like Obama doesnt get any breaks from people about inheriting Bush's mess, Sandy is soon running into the same boat. Omar Minaya will always wear the collar of "worst collapse in sports history" along with "the worst insert foot in mouth moment in front of the media" but Sandy now has an official Met record hanging by his. I think its unfair to judge anything yet but it does not look very encouraging under any light. Sandy has real decisions to make that could significantly impact this team as soon as 3 months from now. Almost every analyst picked the Mets to finish last. At that time, I thought that was perfect bait to get the Mets motivated to prove them wrong. Right now though, this seems to be closer to reality than I once thought. To quote Dickey, the Mets need to be "honest with themselves". This includes putting all options on the table to improve this team going forward. Just to clarify, I am not proposing a "fire sale", however, one cannot overlook  the fact that the Florida Marlins sport the 27th LOWEST payroll at $57 million and are 10-6, half a game out of first place with the Phillies.My co-author Real(you may have heard of him) does not believe the Mets will have a payroll under $100 million. He may very well be right but my question is, what has a payroll over $100 million gotten us? The last time the Mets went to the World Series, our opening day payroll was(I hope your sitting down)...$73 MILLION. Our league dominating season in 2006 had an opening day payroll of $101 MILLION. Having a payroll over 100 Million does not equate to success(unless your the Yankees) and I think should be taken under consideration by this administration. This is Sandy's and Terry's team now, not Omar and Jerry but so far these guys are having the biggest laugh. My hope is that Sandy and company will have the last laugh.