<!--> Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 <!--><!--> <!--> I’m ready to call it quits on the offseason, barring a last minute miracle trade. This Smoltz talk is completely useless in my opinion. Last season Smoltzy started 8 games for the Red Sox, with an ERA of 8.33, leading to his departure from the team. The Cards picked him up, and John pitched better in 7 starts, with an ERA of 4.26, but only averaged 5.4 innings per start.Smoltz is on the wrong side of 40, as he’ll turn 43 in the second month of the baseball season. His numbers are unlikely to improve much, and I’m fairly certain that Nieve or Neise can rack up and ERA under 5 and throw more than 5.4 innings per start.There’s no anti-Smoltz sentiment in my thinking. I don’t care that he used to be a Brave, I like John Smoltz. From what I’ve heard he’s a good person and was an excellent starter (and closer) for several years, and likely a future hall of famer. A few years ago I would have taken Smoltz in a heartbeat, but he’s way past his prime.Smoltz is only an example of what Omar shouldn’t resort to as free agency slowly grinds to a half over the next few weeks. The Mets are what they are: a team with a few excellent players and a lot of younger players with potential, but whom are also big question marks. And you know what? I’m okay with that. Is this a first place team? Probably not, but it is a team with potential. I don’t think adding an aging, declining player will get the team over the hump. Whether that be Smoltz or Delgado or Gary Matthews Jr. I’d rather see the youngins get a chance to prove themselves.It may be a blessing in disguise; saving money this year. Next offseason will bear a much more fruitful crop of free agents, and the Mets could use some extra cash to spend on them. Again, I’m not giving up on this season. The team has potential, if a lot of things go right; to make the wild card, but it doesn’t hurt to look ahead to 2011 and years beyond.