If Omar Minaya let Takahashi walk, I'd be killing him right now but since it's Sandy at the Helm, I have to put my trust in him- and I am.  But for the life of me, I can't figure out how Sandy is going to clean up the mess the Mets are in right now without the payroll flexibility.  But I got an idea and since we're in the Off-Season, let me just float it out there.Now I know the Mets are going to have a hard time contending this year.  We're a little top heavy with some bad contracts and may need more than a pitcher or two.  Now if the Wilpons allow Sandy to cut some payroll and add some free agents, maybe this team has a shot but is that the way to build a team for the future?  Was Sandy brought in only to do that?I think he was brought here to build a winner that might last more than a season and if he is, I've got an idea.Mets could take a page from the Astros 2010 season.   The Astros, who were out of every race,  traded two players right before the trading deadline and netted themselves a cool 5 prospects.  Roy Oswalt went to the Phillies and in return the Astros received J.A. Happ, and two minor leaguers.  They also traded Lance Berkman to the Yankees and got one Single A and one Triple A player.  In order to pull this off, the Astros ate 11 million of what was owed to Oswalt and 4 million of Berkman's contract (plus his 2 million dollar option). The Mets have 3 players playing in their last year of their contract, Beltran, K-Rod and Castillo.  If the Mets kept at least Beltran and K-Rod on the team and ate half their contracts at the trading deadline, they could make a killing.  I'm counting out Castillo that basically wouldn't fetch a bag of balls at this point.So imagine a team that's in the Pennant race that suddenly  loses it's closer or set-up man.  What can the Mets get if they ate almost all of K-Rod's contract?  2 maybe 3 prospects?  How about Beltran, who you know is going to be ready to play because it is his contract year.   If the Mets were to eat half or three quarters of his contract, they may net themselves a potential front line starter or prospect. Thoughts?