I said this over at Metsmerizedonline's comment section and decided to share it here in the form of a post.Regarding last night's game: Just an Uuugly game last night but I’m not saying something everyone who saw it doesn’t already know.If I heard right Mets set a franchise record for runners left in scoring position when they reached the 0 for 15 point. That is how bad it was.Should of known it was going to be one of those nights when they got the 1st 2 batters on in the 1st and 2nd innings and did not score.Cowgill along with EVERYONE else is not hitting but he has to play defense when he is on the field. That misplay last night in the 9th can’t happen.Spring Training is over the 1st month is almost at an end and right now 2 players just have not done it. One is nothing but a filler but the other is part of the nucleus going forward and is a much much bigger concern. Those 2 players are Cowgill and Davis.At this point the Mets might as well send Cowgill down to Vegas and keep the righty Lagares in his place. All Cowgill has been is just a good buffer for Valdespin from being criticized himself when he has failed and while he has outplayed Cowgill unless you have your head in the sand Spin has also not played well overall. But with Lagares here the Mets should see if those 2 Lagares and Spin can sink or swim and have Cowgill in Vegas as an alternative like Andrew Brown currently is.Ike on the other hand is a much bigger issue. While Duda and Murphy have hit early and are now slumping and Tejada the other way around Ike has not hit all season. He is just lost at the plate to an eerily similar start as he did last year. I have maintained that he should be afforded 1/4 of the season to see if he can right himself. That leaves him 16 games and other than a 2 game stretch he still has not even shown a sign that he is on the verge of turning it around.The Mets can go to a platoon to start and bring Satin up but if the reality is that this is the Ike the Mets are going to have that is going to hurt cause the hope is Ike would be a part of that nucleus and the impact of his loss will be ten fold that of a Cowgill.Right now Ike still has a long way to go to even reaching Murphy’s level of success. Ike has just as much intestinal fortitude as Murph so unlike Duda who got down on himself I expect Ike to fight till the end to get through this but I am starting to wonder if he will figure it out before the Mets run out of patience with him.