This offseason there was a lot of talk about players not wanting to come to the Mets.  The medical staff was sometimes cited as a reason why players may not want to come here.   That, like most of the "Kill the Mets" type articles out there this offseason, was probably completely fabricated.Minnesota Twins closer Joe Nathan will be having Tommy John surgery on Friday.  Given all the doctors in the world a professional athlete has to pick from, chances are he's going to pick someone highly praised.  The doctor performing Nathan's surgery will be none other than the New York Mets own Dr. David  Altchek.  It gets even better: Altchek comes recommended by former Yankee Carl Pavano, who performed the same operation on him while he was a New York Yankee.  Pavano opted for Altchek over the Yankees own doctor, an Angels doctor, and Dr. James Andrew.I know it's in vogue to mock the Mets doctors, and the jokes can be quite funny, but the truth is players around the league respect the Mets doctors.