Now that yesterday's news is yesterday's news.  Time to get back to baseball.  Continuing in the Over-Under series today's look is the Mets starting rotation.  These numbers are not really my predictions but more about setting a logical over under.Johan Santana:19 starts114 innings100 strikeouts1.33 WHIP8 wins8 lossesRA Dickey:30 starts195 innings125 strikeouts1.23 WHIP12 wins8 lossesJon Niese:27 starts160 innings140 strike outs1.45 WHIP12 wins10 lossesDillon Gee:25 starts150 innings100 strikeouts1.40 WHIP10 wins10 lossesMike Pelfrey:Awful OK, seriously.30 starts195 innings108 strikeouts1.45 WHIP10 wins12 lossesLet the games begin.  Remember once the series is over the results will be record and tabulated.  There will be a winner!