In an article written by Tim Sullivan of The San Diego Union Tribune he quotes Padres CEO Jeff Moorad to say, "I think the fairest description of our point of view is that we continue to be committed to doing what’s best for the long-term interest of the organization," He went on to say "As a result, no player is untouchable. And while we’re mindful of players’ individual popularity, we won’t put one player ahead of the long-term interests of the club."Tim Sullivan further quotes him to say "I’m confident that (General Manager) Jed (Hoyer) and John Boggs will have a discussion at some point about Adrian and his future. While I’d be thrilled to have him part of the organization for the long term, the early signals indicate his cost will be greater than our ability to pay."What does that mean for us? Probably nothing at all with Ike Davis on the horizon but it begs the question. If Adrian Gonzalez does become available should the Mets and how far should the Mets go in acquiring him?