injured_boo_boo_smiley_face_sticker-p217251283649685008qjcl_400Angel Pagan left today's game in the top of the fourth inning.   While chasing after a deep fly ball to left center, Angel suddenly began limping and appeared to grab onto his quad.   Looks like this could be another injury on a growing list of Pagan's injuries.Gary Cohen says the injury is being called "right groin discomfort" at this time...which sounds fishy considering the way Pagan was limping.Added by mroseAfter the 6 shutout innings and only 82 pitches, John Maine has been removed from the game.   He came in and after throwing his last warm-up pitch reached for his right side which brought the attention of the Mets training staff.     After being checked out, John was removed from the game but as always, Maine did not look happy as usual.   Replays after the commercial break did not give any better insight into a possible injury, we'll hope it was just some tightness and this is more precautionary.   Maine was pitching a great game.Pedro Feliciano came on and pitched a 1-2-3 inning after Maine's early exit.Updates will continue as we get more information.Update 2:53PM ESTIt appears John Maine has caught Carlos Beltran's stomach ailment.   Thats actually a relief, but please make great money, you can afford to stop eating at the dirty corner bodegas.