If you hadn't noticed, Angel Pagan has had a rough season. And I'll start this by saying that I was never a huge fan of Angel, and I'd bet that he never reaches his 2010 numbers again. However, he isn't as bad as his traditional numbers would suggest. There's plenty of evidence to support the belief that Pagan has been unlucky.Despite showing more patience at the plate(9.8 BB%, up from 7.0% in '10) and making much more contact (9.5 K% in '11, 15.3% in '10), Angel has seen his batting average suffer to the tune of a .051 drop. Possibly more discouraging is the fact that Pagan has watched his LD% rise and his GB% fall. Tie that all together with a paltry .251 BABIP and it's not hard to see why Angel's  numbers have taken a nose dive. He's been pretty unlucky.I think Pagan has been slowly coming around but he's got to be frustrated. He's improved his plate discipline, which is something the Mets wanted him to work on, yet he hasn't enjoyed the fruits of his labor. Yet despite the past I think it's probable that he'll see his luck change sooner rather than later, even if he doesn't return to the lofty numbers we saw from him last season. However luck doesn't work on a schedule, and many players have suffered through bad luck for an entire season.