A tip of the TRDMB cap to Stickguy for posting the link in a previous comments section to this article by Joel Sherman in today's New York Post which outlines the despair of the Mets' main competition for a post season berth.   Sure, the Mets have problems, and big ones.   But they don't play in a vacuum and with the possible exception of the Los Angeles Dodgers, every other National League team has noticeable flaws too.   Only as the season unfolds will we know which of those flaws will prove tragic. Now this is a REAL tragedy Another bit of sunshine to dry out your cellars on this Sunday afternoon is this.   I think, and I hope you would agree, that it is safe to say that the New York Mets will not finish the 2009 season with the best won-lost record in Major League Baseball.   So take heart.   The last time the team with the best won-lost record in baseball won the World Series was 1998, when the Yankees went an astounding 114-48 en route to the title.   (In the interest of full disclosure, the 2007 World Champion Boston Red Sox tied with the Cleveland Indians for best MLB record at 96-66, so one can also say the team with the best record did not win it all).   Always remember that runner-up Clay Aiken sold more records than winner Ruben Studdard.The "loser" counts his winningsYes late last night the Cardinals acquired Mark DeRosa.   Is he a difference maker?   Maybe, maybe not.   Will there be more trades between now and the twin trade deadlines of July and August 31st?   Of course.   But will any one National League contender be acquiring players who can produce like Carlos Beltran, Carlos Delgado, Jose Reyes, J.J. Putz and Billy Wagner can produce when healthy?   Doubtful.   So next weekend as you gather around the July 4th table with your friends and relatives who root for the Brewers, the Phillies, the Cardinals or any other National League contenders, don't hog the despair.   Pass it around.   All those teams have problems too.More despair pleaseIf you think it's a bad week to be a Met fan, imagine if you were a celebrity.July 20, 1958 - June 28, 2009