Today, my Yankee friend walked up to me with a big smile on his face and presented me with the cover of the New York Post.   On the cover of the Sports Page was a picture of Curtis Granderson.   So naturally I did what every self-respecting Met fan would do.I punched him in the solar plexus...hard.He laughed and walked away.  Later on in the day I received a phone call from my father, another Yankee fan, he went on to tell me not only of the Granderson trade, but on Omar's latest move...According to my father Omar had moved from the Indoor pool into a nice sauna.It has been a tough two days.  In my opinion, Omar can do whatever he wants to during these meetings.   He just has to make sure he lands either Lackey, Holliday or Halladay.  Tall order huh?  I'm not concerned about tomorrow or the next day's annnouncement about the signing of  Molina,  because let's be honest,  you can never have enough catching.But as long as the Big Three are still our there, unsigned, I won't give up.   I don't think the Mets need to sign one these free agents to steal the back pages or to just make a splash.   They need these players because they REALLY NEED one of these players.  Last year at this time, Omar had already acquired K-Rod and   J.J. Putz so I'm willing to stick by him and see what he does in the coming days/weeks.   The free agent market is slow and I'm sure that Omar will take his time and wait to see what develops.  So as much as I want to   push panic button  and hit another Yankee fan.   I'll stay controlled and wait and hope that Omar comes through.   Stay patient fellow Met fans, stay patient.