WOOOOOOO!!!!According to Adam Rubin: Ollie says he's ready to go "Oliver Perez, who underwent Sept. 1 surgery to remove scar tissue from his right knee, pronounced himself fit. Literally."I don't know why but I expect a big rebound year from Ollie.   We know that his mental capacity seems to get in the way of his success.   However, he has shown when focused to be a very good pitcher.   Last year Ollie came into ST out of shape and unfocused.   Then was sent traveling around with his buddies on a vacation.   We can all debate the effect of the WBC on Ollie physically.   However, can we really debate it's impact mentally?   He flat out came into the season unprepared and under the watchful eye of the Mets and especially the staff at Fischer Sports we will see a much more focused and determined Ollie.At this point we better hope I am right.