Phillies To Sign Luis CastilloAccording to multiple sources the Phillies have signed Slappy to a minor league deal.  He will join the competition for Utley's caddy and starter until when/if he returns.  This competition includes another Mets cast off in Wilson Valdez, Pistol Pete Orr and Jesse Josh Barfield.   Neither Orr nor Barfield played in the  majors in 2010.Where does Castillo fit in?  Offensively it is expected that he would maybe be the best of the group.  That's indeed a sad group.  Defensively he would most likely rank right in the middle.  Not last (Orr) not first (Valdez).  The difference is that Castillo is used to being a starting 2B.  The problem is that what do you do with Castillo once Utley returns?  Release him is about your best alternative.  Does this tell us more about Utley's injury?  If it was a 2 week break would they even be thinking about a Luis Castillo?  What is even more entertaining is that he will most likely bat lead-off for the Phillies.  So while Utley is out, if Castillo makes the team, he will get more ab's than any other Philly.I was listening to Rob Dibble this morning basically laugh out loud at the thought of how Castillo could actually help the Phillies.  What do you guys think?