The  Reyes interview was  just what  I needed.Monday was  bad  day  and  watching Reyes cheered me up a bit.   I liked the way he looked for  he was confident and spoke well about himself and the Mets.    He didn't make any predictions and had that same old Reyes  smile.  It made me wish for Opening Day.And then I tuned in to ESPN and saw what I dreaded the most. The Roy Halladay Press Conference.   The masochist in me insisted on watching the "happy to pitch with a winner" Roy Halladay and  the all smiles  GM Ruben Amaro Jr.   It was tough. There is Roy with his new hat and jersey on and there's Ruben right next to him making sure it fits.  It wasn't until a  question came from the press core regarding keeping Lee and adding Halladay just  for the  upcoming season that I realized that the Phillies had made a mistake.   Lee was under contract for one more year, they could have kept him and then  offered him arbitration in 2010 and if he refused, the Phillies would have  received a draft pick if he signed somewhere else.   Ruben opted to trade  Lee because he knew  Lee  didn't want to stay and the since the Phillies    needed to replenish their already semi-depleted minors trading Lee now would do just that.   But for a moment, they did consider keeping both pitchers.The Phillies could have had Lee and Halladay.   I know that the minor leagues are important to stock but come on!  That's the Pennant right there, and possibly another World Series title.     Both of these pitchers can carve up the NL East and any World Series opponent.Instead the Phillies left the door open.  By trading  Lee, they basically have the  same rotation as last year.      This is an opportunity for Omar to  get another starter.   A workhorse, a pitcher who will stay healthy and give the rotation some stability. Lord knows he has a lot to choose from.   He could pick up and  rehab Wang and Sheets.   He could spend some money on Pineiro.   He could try for the hometown discounted Marquis or perhaps trade for Harang or Arroyo.   Santana matches up with Halladay, which one of these pitchers match up with Hamels?  This has to happen.   The Phillies missed a golden chance to dominate the East and the Mets must take advantage of it.