I discovered this article while browsing MLBTR today: What would a third Cliff Lee trade mean for the Phillies?I will let you do your own reading but lets skip to the Mets."Mets - Anybody want to face Lee and Santana four times in a playoff series? Like the Dodgers, the Mets aren't in great shape in their farm system. But they are also lagging in attendance, and stewing over the Phillies' recent domination of the division. Yeah, they've struggled here lately, and could be out of contention come deadline time. But if they are anywhere close to striking distance, two-and-a-half months of Lee-Santana-Pelfrey could work wonders. Heck, maybe Seattle would even be in a position to take on a change-of-scenery project like Oliver Perez (along, of course, with a considerable financial package) as a kick-in."Yeah I just thought I would brighten your day with that fantasy.   Yes,   it's incredibly unlikely but the thought of somehow dumping Perez and getting Lee forming a playoff rotation of Johan, Lee, Pelfrey is certainly enough to get me into daydream   condition.