Does anyone remember the stock exchange scene from the movie " Trading Places?" You know the scene where Dan Akroyd and Eddie Murphy's characters foil the evil Duke brothers from cornering the orange juice market ? Well imagine that Fred and Jeff Wilpon are Mortimer and Randolph Duke respectively while Omar plays the part of Wilson - the poor soul trader that is trying to buy up all the best talent out there - when boom - all the players the covet ( and some of the ones they don't) are going for above what they expected and they can't do anything because their plan is in such a stage of flux . Welcome to Hot Stove season 2009 !!                                                                                                                                         Trading-Places--C10045389 ...                                                                                                                   " Jeff and Fred - a family portrait"With that said it is being reported by Jim Salisbury of CSNPHILLY that the Philadelphia Phillies have an agreement in place with a relief pitcher, He just doesn't know yet who the pitcher is yet . Salisbury's source is revealing that a agreement with the mystery player is imminent , pending a physical. There is speculation that it is either Danys Baez orMike MacDougal.And the Mets keep sitting idly by .