"I'm hearing fans yelling, 'Victorino, you're horrible; you stink,' " the centerfielder said. "Aw, right. Like they forget what happened the last 2 years. That frustrates me even more . . . You hear things like that, it eats at you...."- Shane VictorinoPoor Victorino, can you imagine if he had to play in New York? The quote comes from an article by Sam Donnellon of Philly.com in it he discusses if the Phillies should start to panic and breaks down where the Phillies were the last 2 years compared to now. Donnellon   toward the end askes Phillies manager Charlie Manuel the following,"I asked the manager last night whether he had a number he thought would win the division or get this team in its fourth postseason. He said it would be about the same as in years past, 90 wins, 91, maybe 92. But the Braves are a better and more complete team than a year ago, and the Mets, Manuel said, are not pretending either."That's right Manuel the Mets are for real. Remember that.