Once again, Dirty and I made our way down to Spring training and saw the Mets 13-3 victory over the Cardinals.  Here is the link to the pictures from this week... the one below is my favorite..This was just before Ollie began warming in the bullpen and he literally said was making sure they meant him.Enjoy the photos.  I will be back at St Lucie the next two Saturdays and at Disney on 3/27 for the Mets @ Braves.   More pictures and any stories will follow.Also, <shameless plug> Please visit nleastchatter, I know many of you thought it was dead, and it may have been on life support, but I'm hoping to bring it, and the rest of the NL East blogs back (could always use help).  Although, Phillies Phandom and CenterfieldGate never left.  We are looking for a new Braves affiliate and Marlins affiliate though. </shameless plug>