Well, the second place Mets will battle the Marlins tonight kicking off the 2011 season. We at the TRDM decided to put our imaginary money where our mouths are and put out our predictions for the Mets.For better or worse, here they are and for those of you reading, throw your predictions on the Comment Section following this article. After all, that's what makes this Mets site unique.Enjoy.Oh, and just so you should know, not one of our authors believe the Sports Illustrated prediction of the Mets coming in last.  Maybe because we know our team better than most and perhaps we also subscribe to reality.Our own TRS predicts the NL East as:1) Phillies-89 wins2) Braves-89 wins3) Mets-82 wins4) Marlins 78 wins5) Nationals-71 winsPrismo goes against the "Fighten Phills" with his picks.1) Braves- 94 wins2) Phillies-92 wins and the wild card winner of the National League3) Mets-80 wins4) Marlins-79 wins5) Nationals-73 winsPrismo believes that the Marlins and the Mets might be interchangeable with wins and throws out the Reds as the winner of the 2012 World Series.Kingman takes the Phillies all the way.1) Phillies 94-682) Braves 90-723) Marlins 83-794) Mets 81-815) Nationals 75-87Kingman believes that the Phillies will beat the Red Sox 4 games to 2 to win the World Series.Rusty the die hard Mets fan1) Braves-92 wins2) Phillies-90 wins3) Mets-86 wins4) Marlins-80 wins5) Nationals-77 winsMr. North Jersey checked in with these picks.1) Phillies2) Braves3) Mets 80-824) Marlins5) NationalsHe also predicts the Red Sox winning the Fall ClassicMrose throws out these picks.1) Phillies-90 wins2) Braves-88 wins3) Mets- 83 wins4) Marlins-77 wins5) Nationals-74 winsMat has the Red Sox winning the World Series as well.My predictions1) Braves-90 wins2) Phillies-89 wins3) Mets-83 wins4) Marlins-83 wins5) Nationals 74 winsThe Red Sox will win the World Series.  I've adopted them as my surrogate American League team to root for. Let's here yours