Back in March, I did a series of player projections on this very website for the projected starting lineup, starting rotation, and bullpen.  Now it's time to take a look at my projections, the projections from Fan Graphs that I compared them to, and how each player actually did in 2012.While my projections usually aligned pretty well with Fan Graphs, reality outguessed us both.  In most cases, in fact, the projections turned out to be far more optimistic than how things really turned out.  Aside from batting average, I was close on Ike Davis.  Apart from home runs, I was pretty close on Daniel Murphy.  And David Wright hit fewer home runs than I expected, but otherwise came close to my projections.Other than that, these players performed far below my expectations.I didn't bother projecting reserves, because I didn't expect much from them.  However, Scott Hairston, Mike Baxter, Justin Turner, and Ronny Cedeno deserve a lot of credit for how they played this year.  They turned the Mets bench from a weakness to a strength.So here are the final numbers compared with my projections and those of Fan Graphs.  Enjoy!Next up...the pitching staff. 
Josh TholeMe0.291653N/A
Fan Graphs0.276560N/A
Ike DavisMe0.2762894N/A
Fan Graphs0.2792497N/A
Daniel MurphyMe0.2871168N/A
Fan Graphs0.2961068N/A
Ruben TejadaMe0.257141N/A
Fan Graphs0.274262N/A
David WrightMe0.30330102N/A
Fan Graphs0.2892597N/A
Jason BayMe0.2681771N/A
Fan Graphs0.2611773N/A
Andres TorresMe0.2441047N/A
Fan Graphs0.254749N/A
Lucas DudaMe0.28824820.362
Fan Graphs0.28021810.362