I know it seems like Paul Konerko is 128 years old but Chicago's longtime 1st baseman just turned 33 this season.   After struggling through 2008, Konerko rebounded to an OPS of .842 and 28 HR.   He currently has one year left on on his contract at 12M.   The Whitesox have a few holes themselves in CF and 2B.   Before I get the normal responses here lets think through this.   Off the top of my head, would the Whitesox take Castillo and Pagan in a deal for Konerko?   This fills 2 spots for them and while it does create a hole at 1B they could fill that by resigning Kotsay who did very well for them in 2009.   For the Whitesox it clears 6M from their 2009 salary that is bloated after adding Peavy and Rios.   That 6M could be used for other needs.   From the Mets perspective it gives them a true 1B and middle of the lineup hitter at a total cost of 6M.   2B could be filled by Lopez or Hudson and LF by a reclamation project such as Ankiel.   This would allow the Mets a little more money to spend on pitching as well.Thoughts?