As the Mets ponder what to do for next year's team, I offer a name for the Mets to consider.   Rod Barajas.   Barajas has a lot of negatives and a lot of positives as almost all MLB catchers do.   A look at his line for 09 shows nothing really impressive.   In fact many would look at this to be in fact god awful.  
 However, I ask you to look beyond those numbers.   What does he provide?   Of course the most glaring thing is he does provide pop.   He does have 18 HR this season in less than 400 AB's.   But no this is not just another panic move where the Mets go out seeking a HR only guy because we need HR.   A closer look reveals how he would be an ideal platoon partner for Santos.   Barajas's  2009 line against LHP is
 While certainly not ideal, those numbers would put him very near the top in the NL catcher race.     But wait a minute you say.   How does a RH Barajas provide a platoon partner for the RH Omir Santos?   A look at Santos numbers and you will see.   Omir's overall line for this year
Against RH, yes I said RH, pitchers his line improves to
So if you could actually combine those into something usable you would get a league average or better catcher with some pop hitting in most likely the 7/8 spot in the lineup.Barajas would also do a few other things.   He would be relatively cheap.   He is coming off a 2.5M contract but may not get that much in FA as that was 6 times more than he made the previous season.   He would also allow Thole time to develop giving the Mets at least an MLB caliber catcher on the roster.   Finally, the Blue Jays lead the majors in pitching last year and have a   system that others have modeled after in their bullpen. I am sure some of that has rubbed off during Barajas 2 years as their primary catcher.(Stats provided by