Please! Pretty please with sugar on top.   Please release this sorry excuse for a major league player.   Please release Oliver Perez.   It's a mistake, a big 36 million dollar mistake.   Every team makes one every now and again and Oliver Perez just happens to be the Mets mistake and now for the sake of this team, the mistake must be corrected.If Oliver Perez does not accept an assignment to the Minors than the Mets should outright release him.   Yes I understand that it's not my money and I do understand that another team can pick him up and fix him(god forbid).     I also know that he can be put on waivers but let's be honest, the whole league knows he's a waste of time so let's just cut him out like a bad mole.  Right now Oliver Perez handcuffs the team by his inability to pitch in any situation.   He takes up space and it's very obvious to all that Jerry Manuel will go to him only as a last resort (we saw that last week remember?)   Jerry said he will not pitch him during the Home Stand.   You know what that means right?    Perez could wear his  Street shoes and pack extra sunflower seeds for the rest of the week!  If Perez refuses to accept a Minor League Assignment then he is not a team player and doesn't deserve to be any team.  Come on Omar, Jeff, and Fred,   suck it up, admit you made a mistake and rid the team of this Bum.  And while your at it, how about trading Castillo to a Team to be Named Later.