The Mets wrapped up their weekend series against the Nats with a 6-3 win, again showing some live bats.I only caught the first four innings of this one but that was enough Pelfrey to see. He was laboring the whole day, evidenced by the whopping 106 pitches it took him to get through just 4.2 innings. He limited the damage of 5 hits and 5 walks by allowing only 3 runs, but the game is not coming easy to this guy at all right now. That’s something I’ve noticed about all the Mets’ starting pitching these last few years. High pitch counts. Pay attention when you watch our pitchers. They never seem to have those quick, 12-pitch, 1-2-3 innings. Ever. It’s always a ton of pitches, a lot of baserunners, and long games. If there is a culprit that I’ve identified, it’s the lack of first-pitch strikes. It could be in large part because our arms are young, but the lack of aggressiveness on first pitches seems to put us behind in counts way too often, especially with the starters. Pelfrey is probably the biggest culprit here but Gee too, his starts can normally be predicted by how he starts out hitters early in counts.Luckily, however, the bullpen bailed out another poor Pelfrey outing as Igarashi, Stinson, Isringhausen, and Parnell allowed just 2 hits over the last 4.1 innings.And who tied the game for us in the 6th? Duda, of course. He seems to get a big hit every game and today was no exception. Duda blasted his 9th homer of the year to tie the game, shortly after which, Willie Harris and Nickeas put us ahead for good, driving in 3 runs between them for the 6-3 win.Wright added two hits in this one and Tejada continued to impress with the bat, driving a 2-run single to right in the 3rd. It will be interesting to see who gets to play second next year if Reyes re-signs, Turner or Tejada. Both have been impressive as everyday players, though admittedly each limited in certain areas. Collins and Alderson will have quite the decision on their hands. Of course, again that’s only if Reyes re-signs, so I guess it’s one of those good problems to have.The loss in this one was taken by Livan Hernandez who was making his last start before Strasburg takes his spot in the rotation. At age 36, Livan was exactly one game under .500 for his career at 174-175. I obviously didn’t want him to get the win against the Mets, but you can’t really root against Livan. It would have been nice to see him even up his record before he’s supplanted by the Strasburger…if he’d been pitching against any other team.One final note: Mets September call-up Joshua Satin got a hit in his first major league at-bat, lacing a single into left on an inside breaking ball. Congratulations…even if he was totally upstaged by Milone last night.Another series win puts the Mets at 68-70 on the year as the march towards .500 continues. They’ve really been playing well lately, winning of 8 of 10, albeit 7 of those against the Marlins and Nats. Tomorrow night, the Mets take the field looking to continue their roll against, who else, the Marlins. Let’s go Cap-o.