Frenchy RevolutionThe Frenchy Revolution was a period of roster upheaval in the history of the New York Mets, during which the right fielder, previously a left handed hitter with injury issues and a platoon player's resume, underwent radical change to become a right handed hitter with a powerful arm and a full time player's resume.Frenchy of GreaseThe Reign of Terror of the Frenchy Revolution began early, in the 1st inning.   With 1 out and the bases loaded, Jeff "Frenchy" Francoeur blooped a single over Cincinnati Reds 1st baseman Joey Votto giving the Mets a 2-0 lead.   Omir Santos RBI single made it 3-0 Mets after 1 frame.   In the 2nd inning Luis Castillo singled in Angel Pagan, who had tripled, to extend the lead to 4-0.Frenchy Fuqua of the Pittsburgh SteelersJohan Santana (10-7) offered his support to the Frenchy Revolution by throwing 7 shutout innings, striking out 5 Reds.   Pedro Feliciano and Francisco Rodriguez joined the fight by each throwing a scoreless inning of their own.   Santos had 3 hits, and Pagan had 2 hits and 2 stolen bases.Frenchy Morgan of I Love Money 2The casualty of the Frenchy Revolution was Jay Bruce, who fractured his wrist attempting to catch David Wright's 1st inning single.   Doctors say he will be able to avoid the guillotine.   The Frenchy Revolution swept the Mets to victory 4-0 over the Reds.To learn more about the Frenchy Revolution, please read a book.   Remember when asking your local librarian for help that the "y" in Frenchy is both silent and invisible.   To learn more about the Mets defeating the Reds, please visit