The remnants of the 2011 New York Mets were overmatched once again, this time by the Philadelphia Phillies.  The Phils beat New York by a score of 10 - 0.  The Amazin's drop to 60-67 on the year.Dillon Gee (11-5) allowed a career-high 8 runs, all of them earned, while walking 6 in only 3 2/3 innings.  Cliff Lee (14-7) picked up the win,  allowing no runs and three hits in seven innings.You know when Ryota Igarashi makes an appearance in the 4th inning, it's going to be a long night.  Dillon Gee looked like he finished both ends of a double header before taking the mound on Monday night.  In this case, the "Gee" stood for "gassed."  This is further evidence that the way pitchers are handled in pro ball is all wrong.  They're coddled to the point where they can't even throw 180 innings in their rookie year anymore.  Remember the days when Dwight Gooden threw 276 innings in his rookie year at age 19?  And what about the music these days?  You can't understand the words.  It all sounds like noise!  Kids these days!OK, I kind of reverted to my father there, but seriously, if you look at Gee, Niese, Pelfrey, and every other young pitcher who hascome up with Mets in recent years, they're spent by the All-Star Break.  What kind of conditioning are pitchers getting in the minor leagues?  Gee started the season 7-0 with a sub-3.00 ERA.  But lately, he's surrendered 5, 4, 1, and 8 runs in his last four starts.  Since the All-Star break, he has pitched to a 4.33 ERA coming into tonight's game.  Pitchers just don't throw enough innings at the Minor League level to prepare them for a 33 start grind in the Majors.In other news, Angel Pagan was benched due to what the Mets called a "stomach virus."  After being retrieved by Terry Collins when Pagan was late for his time at bat, Pridie replaced him in Center Field in the next half inning.  Pagan could be seen arguing with Collins in the Mets dugout, with a "Who, me?" look on his face.  It will be interesting to see what really happened tonight. (UPDATE 8/23/11 5:13 EDT: Angel Pagan has had intermittent stomach problems this year, and went on the DL while with the Cubs with a case of colitis.)As for the Phillies, they continued to look dominant, even in the absence of the injured Jimmy Rollins, spurred on by HRs by John Mayberry, Jr. and deadline acquisition, Hunter Pence.Meanwhile, as Gary Cohen put it, it was a thoroughly miserable night for the Mets.