The Mets defeated the Reds by a score of 8-4 (Box Score), salvaging the final game of the 3-game series in Cincinnati.Here's a summary of the reactions by Mets fans who use Twitter after every start by Matt Harvey so far:Start 1: He's a future Hall of Famer!Start 2: He was just lucky last time, just like the unnamed sources vaguely paraphrased by Andy Martino said.Start 3: See, he's better than Pelfrey.Start 4: He's a future Hall of Famer!Well, Matt Harvey looked every bit the number one draft pick on this night against the division-leading Reds.  He went 7.2 innings and gave up only 1 run while striking out 8.  He gave up 4 hits and a walk in his 89-pitch outing.  He also doubled in 2 runs.  A win, a hit, and at least one RBI.  I believe they call that the Doc Gooden Hat Trick.Frank Francisco did his best to give the game away in the ninth, but Jon Rauch came in to foil his efforts by getting the last 2 outs.  Rauch has been as reliable as they come lately.  Francisco, not so much.  Apparently Frank lost his fastball, location, and confidence along with all the weight he shed while on the DL.Ike Davis had a nice night, homering in the fourth, then doubling in a run later in the game.  Yet, whenever he came to bat, Cincinnati Reds announcer Jeff Brantley either mentioned his batting average or his total of 107 strikeouts.An AsideJeff Brantley may be the worst announcer in baseball.  Not only does he spew the above propaganda about the opposing team, but when you listen to him on the radio (as I was forced to - thanks SiriusXM), you have to make a lot of assumptions.  His play-by-play is thoroughly non-descriptive, especially for a radio guy.  During this series, there are times when he wouldn't even mention when a run was scored.  The listener just had to assume.  Never a good quality in a radio play-by-play guy.  Marty Brenneman was quite good, on the other hand.OK, Back to Whatever the Rest of This isSo, the Mets pick up the ol' moral victory in the final game of their series against the (this year) superior Reds.  Matt Harvey starred, and Ike Davis earned a nomination for best supporting ballplayer.Oh, and Jason Bay hit his Bi-Monthly Homer (TM), a genuine opposite field wall-scraper.Next up: The Mets travel to Washington, D.C. for a 3 game series.  Johan Santana gets things started vs. Ross Detwiler on Friday night.  Santana looks to improve upon his last outing by staying in the game for 2 FULL innings this time.