On first reading that title it might sound like a clever way for me to say that the Mets game was so uninspiring that it pushed me into football season-mode.  Well, sort of.  The reality is that the Mets game was so uninspiring that my television spent most of this evening tuned to either the NY Giants pre-season football game on WNBC-TV or a documentary on The History Channel called Jaws:  The Inside Story about one of my all-time favorite movies (Jaws of course).  By the way it's been 35 years since I first saw the movie and I still haven't gone into the ocean deeper than my waist.So anyway I can't really say much about the Houston Astros versus New York Mets game.  After Mets starter Johan Santana (10-9) allowed the Astros 4 singles and a walk in the 1st inning that led to 2 runs and knowing the 2010 Mets propensity for not scoring when Santana pitches I pretty much threw in the baseball towel and exchanged it for a beach towel at that point.  I pulled that beach towel over me and made sure my feet didn't dangle too far over the edge of the couch in case any sharks passing through my living room might find my feet appetizing.  Later I flicked back to the Mets game in time to see Carlos Lee crush a 2-run homer to left to make it 4-0 Astros and that cinched it for me.  I see that the Mets got a run somehow, somewhere, and if you don't happen to know how that occurred I recommend the box score link below.  I'll check it myself sometime later maybe if the Mets-mood strikes.  Final score Houston 4, New York 1.  Meanwhile back to Bruce the mechanical shark.box score