Jon Niese took the mound today and tried to end the Met woes,a tough task of a pitcher who walks into this start posting   an 8.71 ERA for his last two performances- little did Niese know he would never  make  it to the 4th inning.     Jerry Manuel also unvieled a new line-up with an absent Frenchy, Chris Carter  as a clean up hitter and Angel Pagan batting 7th.    Ricky Nolasco gave up a hit to Jose Reyes who played some head games with him in the bottom of the first.   Alex Cora hit a bullet to the outfield and as Reyes took of for second, was caught.  Jason Bay hit a foul ball to end the inning.   Niese came out dealing as he struck out Cameron Maybin but gave up a hit to Gaby Sanchez.   Niese got out of trouble when doubled up Hanely Ramierz.   Chris Carter launched a ball to the deepest part of the park to lead off the top of the second inning for a long out.   David Wright is doing his best to keep his consecutive Strike Out pace going as he struck out looking.   He has struck out in the last 13 games.   Ike Davis grounded out.The Bottom of the Second,   Niese was inducing the ground ball for  Jorge Cantu, Dan Uggla and Ronny Paulino  grounded out to Jose Reyes.   Angel Pagan led off the top of the third with a walk.   Henry Banco struck out and   Jon Niese actually hit a base hit pushing Pagan to third but Reyes lined a shot to Cantu and Niese was doubled off of first.The wheels came off the Defense in the bottom of the Third as well as Jon Niese.   It began with David Wright unable to throw Cody Ross out from a hot shot down the third base line.    Niese walked Brett Carroll, Nolasco laid down a bunt back to Niese that he promptly threw to Wright who misplayed it.   Maybin crushed a double off the Left Field wall for 2 RBI's.   Gaby Sanchez bunted a ball that was thrown away by Niese which scored another run.   Niese threw one pitch to Ramirez and had to leave the game with a  hamstring  injury(hold your breath).   Hisandri Takahashi would come in relief and induced a ground out to Ramirez.   This play was done with some drama as Reyes dropped the ball and barely threw him out.   Cantu had a sac fly and Uggla drew a walk.   Paulino, being the ninth man to bat, lined a shot up the middle scoring another run.   Cody Ross, batting for the second time, hit a ball to David Wright who booted it causing yet another run to score.   Brett Carroll was walked to get to Nolasco who struck out.   When all was said and done 12  Marlins batted and 6 runs were scored and the bases were loaded to boot.The Mets went down weakly in the top of the 4th after Ross robbed Cora of a base hit.   Jason Bay  would simply pop up and   Carter grounded out.   Takahashi would counter by striking out the side in the bottom of the frame.   David Wright hit a long out to open the top of the 5th, Davis drew a walk, Pagan flied out and Blanco fouled out.   In the Bottom of the 5th, Uggla went yard, Paulina drew a walk and Ross doubled.   Carroll was intentionally walked to get to Nolasco.   Nolasco hit  weakly to Wright who threw a high ball to Cora who spun and threw a ball in the dirt to Davis who dug it out  for the double play.   ( Did you get that?).   Marlins 7, Mets 0.Nolasco went through Tatis and Reyes with no problem in the top of the 6th but  Cora got himself on first with a base hit and Bay got himself an infield hit with some good hustle.   With two men on Carter had a chance to drive in some runs and delivered with a base hit and put the Mets on the board with their first run of the day.   Wright took the plate and drove in the two runners on base with a double over the head of the right fielder.   Davis struck out to end the inning.   Marlins 7, Mets 3Manny Acosta came in to pitch a 1-2-3  the bottom of the 6th but the real fireworks would come in the top of the 7th where   Chris Leroux came into the game and immedialty  got in trouble.   He walked Pagan and   Blanco got a single.   With two  men on,  Matthews came up and hit a single into center field.   Reyes hit into a fielders choice and at least scored a run.   Cora came up and hit a ball over the first baseman and and scored two more runs.   With the Mets down a run and Cora sitting on Second, Jason Bay came to bat and struck out on a 95 mph fastball.   There would be a call to the bull pen and Dan Meyer would come in to pitch to   Frenchy who would, with a chance to tie the game, fly out to left field in foul ground.   For those of you who are following, it is the Mets 6 and the Marlins 7.  Any hopes of a Met comeback was squashed when Fernando Nieve would come in  and get  in some trouble walking Paulina and giving up a base hit to Ross.   Coghlan would then, on the 12th pitch at the at bat, hit  3 run home run, that increased the lead of the Marlins by 3.The Mets would add a run off of Nunez with the a triple by Bay and a fielders choice by Castillo.   David Wright would come to bat as the Mets last batter and strike out.   Final Score Marlins 10 Mets 7Mets will travel to Atlanta to take on the (at least at this point) the last place Braves.