When the game gets out of hand, call 879-TACOLate in a game of epic failure, SNY's Met broadcast broke out the surefire ratings bonanzas that are taking calls in the booth and field reporter Kevin Burkhardt making tacos.   The visiting Atlanta Braves were in the process of beating the New York Mets 15-2 but who cared!   I was much more concerned with what Schmo from Long Island had to say about Angel Pagan's chances to start next year, or the fact that Burkhardt was spooning chili into little cups without wearing latex gloves."It's cool that you ate my eye, really, no worries!"Last night the Mets had an 8 run inning.   Tonight the Braves returned the favor in the top of the 2nd with a Matt Diaz (sounds like "Die Azz") 2-run single, an Omar Infante RBI single, a Garret Anderson RBI single, Infante scoring on a wild pitch, and a Brian McCann (he's on my fantasy team so hooray for me!) 3-run homer.   On Anderson's RBI single Met fan favorite Luis Castillo decided he'd rather stare at his shiny shoes than cover second base and what was already not a good inning for the Mets was suddenly phone calls and taco-making bad at 8-0.My Taco is fine but liquor is quickerIn the top of the 3rd an Infante RBI double made it 9-0 Braves.   Castillo made small amends for his defensive lack of movement with an RBI single in the bottom of the 3rd to make the score 9-1.   In the 5th old friend Ryan Church had an RBI single and Infante built up his already impressive box score with another RBI single making it 11-1.   A Pagan RBI double in the bottom of the 5th cut it to 11-2.The so-called "taco phone."  Seriously, google it.The notion of Burkhardt making tacos and the announcers taking phone calls built serious steam in the top of the 6th.   Adam LaRoche hit a solo homer, and Diaz a 2-run shot making it 14-2 Braves.   Time to put on that apron Kevin.Burkhardt misunderstands his instructionsA rookie from Queens named Reid Gorecki had a 9th inning RBI single and the only fans remaining in the stands, his family, were quite pleased.   15-2 Braves.Probably not the ideal phone for Met fans right nowPlease visit yahoo.com for the box score.   You know you want to.