Well the Mets really needed a good outing from.....Raul Valdes because John Maine threw 5 pitches and had to leave the game.   His injury is mechanics and velocity?   Your guess is as good as mine.   It was all Mets tonight and there were several heroes.   Raul Valdes gets top billing for coming in for Maine and pitching 5 innings, he gave up 7 hits and allowed only one run(2 runs were charged to him for leaving the game with two men on)  Valdes saved the bull pen and maybe the next 6  games by coming out of the pen and pitching the way  he did tonight.      David Wright obviously benefited from his day off by hitting a three run double in the first inning.   The Nats would come back for a run   in the  bottom of the second but wouldn't score again until the fifth inning when Manny Acosta gave up a base hit with two men on.David Wright would go 1-4 without striking out thus ending his strike out game streak.The Mets offense would explode in the top of the fifth when Bay would lead off with a single, Davis would double, Wright would Sac Fly and RBI, Pagan would walk and Barajas would single.   The RBI's would come from Frenchy's bases loaded single that would score two.   Valdes would get on base with a single and Reyes would keep the inning going with a bizarre hit over Zimmerman's head.   Cora would Sac Fly and when the last out was made the Mets had scored 5 runs.  In the top of the 6th, Rod Barajas would add two more runs from his tenth home run of the season and thank God for that because the Met Bull Pen would give up another 4 runs over the next 3 innings.The Mets turned this laugher into a nail bitter in the bottom of the 8th when Jenrry Mejia would loaded the bases with two outs.   Feliciano would come in and give up a base hit to Guzman to make the score 10-5.   A walk to Zimmerman would bring the tying run to the plate with Adam Dunn who would fly out to Bay.Some final offensive Numbers:David Wright   1-4,   4 RBI'sRod Barajas   2-5 (2 run home run)Ike Davis 3-5Jose Reyes 2-5, 1 RBIJason Bay 3-5Jeff Francoeur, 2-5, 2 RBIThe Mets will begin the Subway Series tomorrow night at Citi Field.