R.A Dickey began earning  his two year contract this afternoon and was opposed by Javier Vazquez.   There was a couple of changes for the Mets today,  Lucas Duda would play for Carlos Beltran and Daniel Murphy would make his debut at second base. Vazquez struggled in the first inning and pretty much set the tone for his afternoon.  His troubles began when lead-off batter Jose Reyes led off the game with a double.  Willie Harris chased him home with his first home run of the season.  After Wright walked, Davis hit a ground ball base hit but Wright was tagged out trying to advance to third.  Ike Davis drew a walk.  The Marlins defense failed when Duda hit a double play ball that was thrown nearly in the Marlin dugout for a routine out.  Davis would score and before the Marlins came to bat, the Mets were up by 3 runs.Ike Davis added to the Mets lead by hitting his first home run of the season in the top of the third.  Vazquez walked Pagan on four pitches and gave up a base hit to Lucas Duda setting up for a big inning.  Murphy hit a ground rule double that brought Pagan home thus adding to the lead and beating up Javier Vazquez for five runs.  The Marlin pitcher would walk Josh Thole to intentally load the bases for R.A Dickey and thus end Vasquez's day. But that didn't mean the day was over for the Mets.  Dickey hit a ground ball to Bonifacio who was playing third, it was a taylor made double play but Bonifacio threw it over the catchers head and two more Mets would score.  By the time the third was over the Mets had 7 runs and 6 hits.Dickey had some issues in the bottom of the third when he walked two batters and with a pass ball, put runners on the corners with only one out.  Omar Infante would hit a sac fly and put the Marlins on the board.  But besides that, Dickey was suburb, throwing that knuckleball mixed with the occasional 85 mph fastball kept hitters baffled and add to the fact that Dickey could also field his own position just makes him such a great competitor.Chris Capuano would come in the bottom of the seventh to stay sharp and after 2 outs gave up three straight hits and gave up a walk which loaded the bases.  He was pulled for D.J. Carrasco who would face no other that Friday night's hero John Buck with the bases loaded.  Carrasco would strike him out to end the threat and the inning.The Mets loaded the bases again in the top of the eighth inning and after Davis took a call strike three, Angel Pagan drew a walk increasing the Met lead.  The Marlins would commit their third error of the game that resulted in another Met run.  The Mets were now in the drivers seat going into the bottom of the eighth up 9-2Side Notes:  The Mets were in complete control of this game from the first batter on.  Dickey did a wonderful job keeping the Marlins off the board.  It's real funny, Friday night looked like a complete disaster, last night was a nail biter and today was just flat our boring.  But y'know what, I'll take a boring game like this any day of the week but I enjoyed every second of it.  When's the last time the Mets had a game where they weren't the team throwing the ball all over the field and unable to get runners home?  And I say this, I didn't like the fact that Murphy was going to play second this afternoon, I figured he might hurt the defense.  So much for that huh? Let's go to Philly and see what happens next!