Dodgers (in blue) versus Mets (in trouble)The Los Angeles Haves defeated the New York Havenots Tuesday.   Los Angeles has a hyped young starting pitcher living up to expectations, Clayton Kershaw, who gave them 6 shutout innings, recording 7 strikeouts and allowing only 3 hits.   New York doesn't have that, they have Mike Pelfrey, who in 3 innings allowed 5 runs, 4 earned, on 8 hits.Los Angeles has a veteran pair of speedy, slick fielding middle infielders in Orlando Hudson and Rafael Furcal, who provide plus defense and also serve as tablesetters for their lineup.   New York doesn't have that, they have Luis Castillo and Alex Cora, who when they aren't misplaying the ball are also not getting on base.*Disclaimer:  these facts may not actually be funI could continue but I'm not excited about doing it.   Instead, here are some fun facts:
  1. The Mets have been shut out twice in a row for the 1st time in 4 years.
  2. They have been shut out 5 times in their last 22 games.
  3. In 31 of their last 36 innings, the Mets have not sent more than 4 batters to the plate.
  4. The last time a non-pitcher drove in a run for the Mets was Friday, July 3 in the 7th inning when Brian Schneider hit an RBI double.
  5. That double by Schneider was the most recent extra-base hit for any Met.
Sharing is caring?As of this writing, the Mets are tied with the Atlanta Braves for 4th place in the NL East.   The Braves are currently winning 2-1 after 8 innings.   Should the Braves hold off the Chicago Cubs, the Mets will be in 4th place by themselves.   If the Cubs come back and win, the Mets will just have to settle for 3rd place.After so much negativity, I feel the need to pass on something positive about the Metsies, something they're good at, something they lead the league in......the Mets have ground into more double plays than any other team!The Los Angeles Dodgers beat the New York Mets 8-0.   Please visit for the box score.