Man of La ManchaMet fans dreamed the impossible dream, and Met pitcher Livan Hernandez reached the impossible star Tuesday night as he became the first Met starter of 2009 to throw a complete game as the Mets defeated the Washington Nationals 6-1.Hernandez' unlikely feat was the top tale of a story filled night, which also featured the Major League debut of 20 year old Met prospect Fernando Martinez, and a prodigious 3-run homer by Gary Sheffield, his second 3-run shot in as many nights.Other noteworthy items from the game include the Nationals' right fielder Adam Dunn's 1,000th career hit, a single to left field in the 2nd inning.A different Adam Dunn hitA particularly odd play occurred in the top of the 5th.   Nats catcher Josh Bard attempted to score from 2nd base on a single by rookie pitcher Craig Stammen, but he slid around and missed home plate as Met catcher Omir Santos attempted and missed the tag.   As both players realized there had been no resolution to the play, Bard lunged for the plate as Santos lunged for Bard.   Bard's palm hit the dirt next to the plate and while his fingers fought to make the final inch down onto the plate Santos slapped his glove onto Bard's fingers, tagging him out.Not that Omir Santos playThe final odd sequence of the night began in the bottom of the 7th.   After Sheffield's homer, Nats reliever Jason Bergmann threw a 79mph breaking ball over the head of batter Fernando Tatis. Home plate umpire Dan Iassogna warned the pitcher and both managers, so it was odd when later in the at bat Bergmann hit Tatis with a pitch but was not ejected from the game.   He was however removed from the game by his manager.   In the top of the 8th, when Livan Hernandez hit pinch hitter Jason Maxwell in the knee with a pitch, he was not ejected either.   So much for warnings.Neither of those batters being hit by a pitchNow a quick look back at Fernando Martinez' first night at the plate in the major leagues.In Martinez' first at bat, he looked childish striking out swinging on a pitch up and in.childbatIn his second at bat, he looked a little more confident, driving in his first major league run on a fielder's choice grounder.teenbatBy his third at bat, his maturity was beginning to show and he stoically got hit by a pitch.SP.Beavers.BW.129.4/27/08By his fourth plate appearance, he was clearly a fully formed major league veteran who knew exactly what to do with the stick in his hand, so he struck out on his own.violentmanbat1Box score courtesy
C. Guzman ss4020010.348
N. Johnson 1b4000004.329
R. Zimmerman 3b4000022.339
A. Dunn rf3121100.284
J. Willingham lf4020011.224
W. Harris cf4000001.265
J. Bard c4010012.179
A. Hernandez 2b3010011.280
C. Stammen p1010000.333
J. Bergmann p0000000.000
K. Wells p0000000.000
J. Maxwell ph0000000.167
J. Tavarez p0000000.000
2B - J Bard (3, L Hernandez); C Guzman (10, L Hernandez).
HR - A Dunn (15, 7th inning off L Hernandez 0 on, 0 Out).
S - C Stammen.
RBI - A Dunn (40).
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out - N Johnson 1, J Bard 2, R Zimmerman 2.
GIDP - W Harris, J Willingham, N Johnson.
Team LOB - 6.
DP - 1 (R Zimmerman-A Hernandez-N Johnson).
NY Mets
A. Pagan cf4120110.296
L. Castillo 2b3210201.283
D. Wright 3b5120023.349
G. Sheffield lf3123101.291
J. Reed lf0000000.304
F. Tatis 1b3011001.278
F. Martinez rf3001022.000
O. Santos c4110005.268
R. Martinez ss4011000.100
L. Hernandez p4000001.111
2B - O Santos (4, C Stammen); R Martinez (1, C Stammen).
HR - G Sheffield (5, 7th inning off J Bergmann 2 on, 0 Out).
RBI - R Martinez (4), F Tatis (10), F Martinez (1), G Sheffield 3 (17).
2-out RBI - R Martinez.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out - G Sheffield 1, L Hernandez 1, D Wright 2, O Santos 2.
GIDP - O Santos.
Team LOB - 9.
Base Running
SB - D Wright (11, 2nd base off C Stammen/J Bard), A Pagan (4, 2nd base off C Stammen/J Bard).
Outfield assists - A Pagan (J Bard at Home).
DP - 3 (L Castillo-R Martinez-F Tatis, R Martinez-L Castillo-F Tatis 2).
C. Stammen (L, 0-1)5.07332205.56
J. Bergmann1.03330115.40
K. Wells1.00000105.73
J. Tavarez1.00002105.68
NY Mets
L. Hernandez (W, 4-1)9.09111614.28
WP - J Tavarez.
HBP - F Martinez (by C Stammen); F Tatis (by J Bergmann); J Maxwell (by L Hernandez).
Pitches-strikes - C Stammen 95-57; J Bergmann 31-17; K Wells 5-5; J Tavarez 24-10; L Hernandez 127-83.
Ground balls-fly balls - C Stammen 8-5; J Bergmann 1-1; K Wells 2-0; J Tavarez 2-0; L Hernandez 14-6.
Batters faced - C Stammen 25; J Bergmann 7; K Wells 2; J Tavarez 5; L Hernandez 34.
Game Details
Umpires: HP--Dan Iassogna. 1B--Sam Holbrook. 2B--Adrian Johnson. 3B--Larry Vanover.Time: 2:40.Attendance: 39,376.Weather: 56 degrees, cloudy.Wind: 12 mph, in from right.