The Mets are now 5-0 in video reviews, which is good because I believe it is the fifth tiebreaker to determine post season participation.Tonight's review involved a fly ball to right field by Daniel Murphy. National's RF Adam Dunn stopped running, turned and watched as Murphy's fly fell to the warning track, then ran and picked it up.   He fired a throw to 2B Rafael Belliard who in turn threw home where Gary Sheffield was tagged out attempting to score on what was ruled a double for Murphy.   After conferring briefly, the umpires decided to take Warner Wolf's advice and go to the videotape."Let's go to the videotape!"They emerged from the video room and made the universal sign for 'home run' which involves holding one's right arm aloft, sticking out one's index finger and gyrating one's wrist in a provocative manner, so Murphy was credited with a 2-run homer which gave the Mets a 5-3 lead and ultimately allowed Johan Santana (7-2) to be the winner."Orange Whip?  Orange Whip?  Three Orange Whips!"Apparently the umpires had seen evidence of the batted ball contacting the Subway $5 footlong sign, which in Citi Field ground rules better mean home run or they're really in trouble.   I mean, they might have to take a paid leave of absence or something.   More importantly, did you know you could get a footlong sandwich for only $5?   That's a really good deal!Seriously, 12" of food for only $5?  Really?This was not one of Johan Santana's best performances, as his 11 strikeouts were tempered by 6 walks.   The Mets gave him an early 3 run lead, scoring on a 1st inning 2-run double by Sheffield and a 3rd inning RBI single by Murphy, who later hit a 2-run double to give him 5 RBI total on the night.   But Santana gave it all back in the 4th, an inning in which Santana walked 4 hitters and the Nats batted around.   The highlight of that inning for the Nats was a 2-run homer by Adam Dunn which landed near the pedestrian bridge beyond center field.   Luckily for the Mets that was all the Nationals could muster until a meaningless RBI single in the ninth which cut the final margin to 3.5 RBI nightA few other notes from the game:Edie Falco threw out the first pitch, in an odd cross-promotion for her new series "Nurse Jackie" which premieres June 8th on Showtime. At last we know what happened to her after the screen went blank.Nurse JackieThe 3 runs allowed by Johan Santana were the most he's allowed at home (as a Met) since 6/8/08 versus the New York Yankees. Santana threw a season high 120 pitches.johanbostonredsoxvnewyorkmetsilt7sr0korrl2David Wright struck out 4 times, receiving the dreaded "Golden Sombrero.""I pity the fool who strikes out 4 times!"Tonight marked the 23rd anniversary of the infamous Tom Niedenfuer - Ray Knight fight which many believe propelled the 1986 Mets to the World Series.Tom Niedenfuer (obscured)Apparently I'm not allowed to mention a certain base running gaffe by a certain rookie.   Look for a post here tomorrow on the subject.   Box score courtesy
C. Guzman ss4101130.340
N. Johnson 1b5031013.337
R. Zimmerman 3b3100232.333
A. Dunn rf4112023.283
J. Willingham lf3110122.228
R. Belliard 2b3000102.164
J. Maxwell cf2000121.150
W. Harris ph-cf1000000.261
W. Nieves c4000013.283
J. Zimmermann p2000111.000
R. Villone p0000000.000
K. Wells p0000000.000
J. Colome p0000000.000
J. Hanrahan p0000000.000
A. Hernandez ph1000000.278
HR - A Dunn (16, 4th inning off J Santana 1 on, 0 Out).
RBI - A Dunn 2 (42), C Guzman (12), N Johnson (26).
2-out RBI - C Guzman, N Johnson.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out - N Johnson 2, J Willingham 1.
GIDP - R Belliard.
Team LOB - 8.
DP - 1 (C Guzman-R Belliard).
NY Mets
A. Pagan cf4220110.323
L. Castillo 2b2220300.295
D. Wright 3b5110048.345
G. Sheffield lf2112201.295
J.J. Putz p0000000.000
W. Valdez ph1000003.000
F. Rodriguez p0000000.000
D. Murphy 1b4135011.262
R. Castro c4010025.253
F. Martinez rf4000003.000
R. Martinez ss3010110.121
J. Santana p2000020.067
F. Tatis ph1000002.275
B. Parnell p0000000.000
P. Feliciano p0000000.000
J. Reed lf1000011.298
2B - G Sheffield (5, J Zimmermann); R Castro (5, J Zimmermann); D Murphy (5, J Colome); R Martinez (2, J Hanrahan).
HR - D Murphy (4, 6th inning off J Zimmermann 1 on, 0 Out).
RBI - G Sheffield 2 (19), D Murphy 5 (17).
2-out RBI - D Murphy.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out - R Castro 2, W Valdez 2, F Martinez 2.
Team LOB - 9.
Base Running
CS - L Castillo (2, 2nd base by J Zimmermann/W Nieves).
E - D Murphy (4, ground ball).
DP - 1 (J Putz-R Martinez-D Murphy).
J. Zimmermann (L, 2-2)5.08552816.07
R. Villone0.10001000.00
K. Wells0.21221006.35
J. Colome1.010012011.25
J. Hanrahan1.01002205.64
NY Mets
J. Santana (W, 7-2)6.033361111.77
B. Parnell (H, 9)0.21000202.21
P. Feliciano (H, 7)0.10000102.41
J.J. Putz1.00001003.42
F. Rodriguez1.01100100.79
IBB - G Sheffield (by J Colome).
BALK - J Colome.
Pitches-strikes - J Zimmermann 100-66; R Villone 9-2; K Wells 14-7; J Colome 17-9; J Hanrahan 31-17; J Santana 120-73; R Parnell 12-8; P Feliciano 4-3; J Putz 12-6; F Rodriguez 20-14.
Ground balls-fly balls - J Zimmermann 6-0; R Villone 0-1; K Wells 0-1; J Colome 0-1; J Hanrahan 1-0; J Santana 1-6; R Parnell 0-0; P Feliciano 0-0; J Putz 3-0; F Rodriguez 1-1.
Batters faced - J Zimmermann 24; R Villone 2; K Wells 3; J Colome 5; J Hanrahan 6; J Santana 27; R Parnell 3; P Feliciano 1; J Putz 3; F Rodriguez 5.
Game Details
Umpires: HP--Sam Holbrook. 1B--Adrian Johnson. 2B--Larry Vanover. 3B--Dan Iassogna.Time: 3:21.Attendance: 40,171.Weather: 60 degrees, cloudy.Wind: 11 mph, in from center.