NY Mets (left, foreground)Having allowed 21 runs over 14 innings in his last 3 starts, Bronson Arroyo took the mound against the popgun AAA lineup of the New York Mets with a swagger and a grin (or was it a smirk) and proceeded to throw 9 shutout innings, giving up only 4 singles, one of the bunt variety, and one a blooper hit by opposing pitcher Fernando Nieve, whose own quality start went for naught.In fact the offense was so futile it couldn't even beat a team managed by Dusty Baker, one of the most widely disrespected managers in baseball.   There's even a website called "Fire Dusty Baker!"I don't have photo shop, things like this are all over the internetsI won't even mention David Wright's double clutch on his high throw home that bounced off a leaping Brian Schneider's glove that was liberally scored a steal of home for Brandon Phillips.   Oh wait, I just did.   Things are going so poorly for the Mets that part of the stadium fell over in disgust."Look out below, Washington!"The Mets have not hit a home run or stolen a base in their last 7 games, something that hasn't happened in 30 years.   The Washington Nationals are beginning to dream of 4th place.   Teddy Roosevelt might win the Presidents Race before the Mets hit their next homer!"Let The Mets Win!"Au revoir, Ryan Church.   Bienvenue, Jeff Francoeur.Cincinnati Reds 3, New York Mets 0.   Please visit cbssports.com for the box score.