Cowboy Joe West, conspiratorThe Red Sox avoided a sweep by beating the Mets 12-5 Sunday afternoon at Fenway Park.   Tim Wakefield (6-2) got the win, the first time he's beaten the Mets since 10/4/92.   Let the conspiracy theories begin:   Joe West was the third base umpire in both Wakefield victories.twobombsThe Sox got half of their runs on two bombs, one 3-run homer each by the ageless Mike Lowell and Kevin Youkilis.   Not pictured, Ramon Castro of the Mets also homered, a solo shot with two outs in the second.Mariners Red Sox BaseballThe game was delayed for 36 minutes in the bottom of the second inning due to some of the largest rain drops ever recorded in human history.   Met fans wish the rain never stopped, as the Red Sox took advantage of 6 walks by slugging 6 doubles and 2 homers to put the game away.youkfing-787801In the bottom of the fifth inning, Youkilis flied out to right field after hitting a long fly ball over the left field wall, near the 'Fisk pole.' The fly ball was ruled foul on the field, and after the second video review in two days the umpire's call of foul stood.   After the game, Youkilis was asked about the call and expressed his displeasure.reddingicecreamTim Redding, upset at being removed from the game with 2 runners on base, despite the Mets having the lead and being just one out away from qualifying for a potential victory, chose to take out his aggression in a more productive way, serving ice cream to needy children.Ultimately, the wounded Mets finished their 10 game road trip with a 5-5 split.   Their next game is Monday night at Citi Field, when nature's tonic the Washington Nationals visit New York.   John Lannan (2-3, 3.63) opposes John Maine (3-3, 4.53).   Box score courtesy Yahoo.comdie_05_05_42151_lg
NY Mets
D. Murphy 1b4110110.248
A. Pagan rf2100220.286
C. Beltran dh4011001.361
G. Sheffield lf3111111.262
D. Wright 3b4011011.350
J. Reed cf4011012.311
R. Castro c4121004.253
R. Martinez ss3000000.087
F. Tatis ph-ss1000001.278
L. Castillo 2b4110000.273
2B - R Castro (4, M Delcarmen).
HR - R Castro (3, 2nd inning off T Wakefield 0 on, 2 Out).
S - A Pagan.
RBI - R Castro (13), C Beltran (30), D Wright (30), J Reed (3), G Sheffield (11).
2-out RBI - R Castro, D Wright, J Reed.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out - G Sheffield 1, F Tatis 1, R Castro 2.
GIDP - C Beltran.
Team LOB - 6.
Base Running
SB - A Pagan (3, 2nd base off T Wakefield/G Kottaras).
Outfield assists - A Pagan (N Green at 2nd base).
J. Ellsbury cf4110102.297
D. Pedroia 2b2211302.329
D. Ortiz dh5000028.195
K. Youkilis 1b-3b4213111.383
J. Bay lf4111100.286
J.D. Drew rf5241010.271
M. Lowell 3b5233013.291
J. Bailey pr-1b0000000.190
G. Kottaras c5131011.200
N. Green ss5122012.309
2B - J Drew 2 (11, T Redding, B Stokes); J Ellsbury (9, T Redding); G Kottaras 2 (4, T Redding 2); M Lowell (15, P Feliciano).
HR - M Lowell (8, 2nd inning off T Redding 2 on, 0 Out), K Youkilis (7, 7th inning off B Stokes 2 on, 2 Out).
RBI - M Lowell 3 (32), G Kottaras (5), N Green 2 (15), J Bay (45), J Drew (21), D Pedroia (15), K Youkilis 3 (26).
2-out RBI - G Kottaras, N Green 2, J Bay, J Drew, K Youkilis 3.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out - D Ortiz 2, M Lowell 2, N Green 1.
Team LOB - 9.
DP - 1 (D Pedroia-N Green-K Youkilis).
NY Mets
T. Redding (L, 0-1)4.28664416.75
S. Green0.11000007.36
K. Takahashi0.20111103.86
B. Stokes1.16551112.89
P. Feliciano1.01000102.50
T. Wakefield (W, 6-2)6.07554313.99
M. Delcarmen (H, 2)2.01000200.86
T. Saito1.00000103.38
BALK - K Takahashi.
Pitches-strikes - T Redding 94-53; S Green 1-1; K Takahashi 14-7; B Stokes 33-20; P Feliciano 13-9; T Wakefield 94-59; M Delcarmen 28-21; T Saito 15-10.
Ground balls-fly balls - T Redding 3-7; S Green 0-0; K Takahashi 0-1; B Stokes 2-1; P Feliciano 1-1; T Wakefield 10-5; M Delcarmen 4-0; T Saito 2-0.
Batters faced - T Redding 26; S Green 1; K Takahashi 3; B Stokes 11; P Feliciano 4; T Wakefield 28; M Delcarmen 7; T Saito 3.
Game Details
Umpires: HP--Ed Rapuano. 1B--Chad Fairchild. 2B--Paul Nauert. 3B--Joe West.Time: 2:57. (Plus 2 rain/unknown delays totaling 38 minutes in the 1st, 5th).Attendance: 37,446.Weather: 80 degrees, partly cloudy.Wind: 5 mph, out to center.