Sunny daySweepin' the clouds awayOn my way to where the air is sweetCan you tell me how to getHow to get to Sesame StreetBig Bird aka Mike PelfreyNew York Mets starting pitcher Mike Pelfrey (2-0), in the 9th game of the season, became the 1st Mets starter to pitch more than 6 innings, throwing 7 shutout innings leading the Mets to a 5-0 victory over the Colorado Rockies.   Pelfrey gave up no walks, struck out 6 and allowed just 5 harmless singles.Grover aka Jason BayThe Mets got on the board early.   In the top of the 1st inning Luis Castillo singled with one out, then David Wright walked.   Jason Bay singled to center driving in Castillo and the Mets led 1-0.Forgetful Jones aka whoever misread the baserunning sign in the 3rdIn the top of the 3rd the Mets added another run but could've added many more if not for some interesting base running.   Pelfrey walked, then advanced to 2nd base on a wild pitch by Rockies starter and loser Jorge De La Rosa (1-1).   Jose Reyes singled moving Pelfrey up to 3rd base.   Then the follies began.   Castillo hit a sharp grounder and Pelfrey was caught in no-man's land between 3rd base and home, so he casually jogged toward home plate while Rockies 3rd baseman Ian Stewart figured out what to do with the ball.   When Stewart finally decided to throw it to catcher Miguel Olivo, Pelfrey was sort of running into him which bungled the play for the Rockies and Pelfrey scored with Reyes and Castillo safely on 2nd and 1st respectively.   Then with Wright at the plate Reyes took off from 2nd base and Castillo followed from 1st base.   But, Reyes stopped and returned to 2nd base as Castillo continued running.   Eventually Castillo was tagged out in a rundown.   Then Reyes finally decided to steal 3rd but was caught on a nice throw from Olivo.   So the Mets went from no one out and runners on 1st and 2nd with Wright at the plate to 2 outs and no one on.   Inspired, Wright struck out ending the innning with the Mets up 2-0.Harvey Kneeslapper aka Angel PaganIn the 4th the Mets added 2 more runs.   Angel Pagan grounded into a fielder's choice plating Bay, then Pelfrey singled scoring Guy Smiley Jeff Francoeur and it was 4-0 Mets after 3 1/2 innings.Guy Smiley aka Jeff FrancoeurThe Mets scored their final run in the 5th when Castillo scored on a wild pitch.   But the big story of the day was Pelfrey.The Yip Yips aka Pelfrey's nemesisIn the bottom of the 5th Pelfrey was called for a balk.   A cloud formed over my television and the theme music from Jaws began to play.   Dun dun! But Pelfrey didn't lose his mind, or his cool, or whatever it is that he used to lose.   The yips tried to make an appearance (sponsored by the letter A) but Pelfrey beat them back and got out of the inning and the game without incident.Snuffleupagus aka the warm blanket of a Mets winPedro Feliciano and Francisco Rodriguez finished up the shutout with a scoreless inning each.   The Mets are now 3-6 heading to St. Louis.Box score