Baseball is a game.  Easy to start.  Hard to finish.Washington Nationals starting pitcher John Lannan (7-7), Long Island native and Yankee fan, shutout the New York Mets on 7 singles Tuesday night.   The Nationals only had 4 hits, also all singles.   The key difference was Lannan walked no one in 9 innings, while Met starter Oliver Perez (2-3) walked 6 in 6 innings.   I would've made the title and theme of this post "walks" but then I couldn't have worked in "Citizen Dick.""This negativity just makes me stronger, we will not retreat, this team is unstoppable."The Nats got 2 runs each in the 4th and 5th innings.   Ryan Zimmerman led off the 4th with a walk.   Adam Dunn singled him to third, then Austin Kearns walked to load the bases.   Alberto Gonzalez hit a fly ball to RF Jeff Francoeur, who dropped the ball, then fired it to second for a force out on Kearns, while Zimmerman scored.   A single by Wil Nieves drove in Dunn to make it 2-0 Nats."Mets, you rock my world."Nyjer Morgan was hit by a Perez pitch leading off the 5th.   He stole second, then Zimmerman walked.   Dunn singled to drive in Morgan, then a Josh Willingham sacrifice fly plated Zimmerman to give the Nats a 4-0 lead.   That would be the final score."That's a very nice hat you're wearing."Lannan kept out of trouble by spreading the Mets 7 singles around.   Only once, in the 3rd inning, did the Mets get a runner as far as second base.   Oddly enough that runner was Perez, who had of course singled earlier in the inning.Excellent soundtrackThat's all I've got to say about the game.   I highly recommend the soundtrack to the movie Singles.   The Seattle sound of the late '80s-early '90s is well represented.Please visit for the box score.Coming soon to a fictional club near you