Chris "The Red Baron" Carpenter & Johan "Snoopy" Santana"Now, Snoopy had sworn that he'd get that manSo he asked the Great Pumpkin for a new battle planHe challenged the German to a real dogfightWhile the Baron was laughing, he got him in his sightThat Bloody Red Baron was in a fixHe'd tried everything, but he'd run out of tricksSnoopy fired once and he fired twiceAnd that Bloody Red Baron went spinning out of sight"-The Royal GuardsmenWith Chris Carpenter in the role of "The Red Baron" as the ace for the St. Louis Cardinals pitching against him, Johan Santana needed to play his foil "Snoopy The World War I Flying Ace" for the New York Mets to have a chance today.   Just like in the Peanuts cartoons, things didn't start well for Snoopy.In the 1st inning he fell behind 1-0.   With one out Skip Schumaker singled to left.   One out later, Ryan Ludwick reached 1st base on a catcher's interference call against Omir Santos.   Met nemesis Yadier Molina then singled, driving in Schumaker and giving the Red Baron a lead.The Baron was cruising.   After hitting the first Met batter of the game, Alex Cora, with a pitch, he'd retired the next 9 consecutive Mets including 5 on strike outs.   It looked hopeless for Snoopy.In the bottom of the 4th inning, the tide of battle turned.   Luis Castillo and David Wright singled.   Ryan Church then grounded into a fielder's choice, moving Castillo to third base.   Fernando Tatis followed with a single to drive in Castillo, tying the score at 1-1.   Fernando Martinez then grounded out to the Red Baron himself, and there were 2 outs with runners on second and third.Nick "Woodstock" EvansSnoopy then called on his faithful companion "Woodstock."   Filling the role of Snoopy's lifetime sidekick today was Nick Evans.   Woodstock doubled into the rightfield corner, driving in 2 runs and giving Snoopy's Mets a 3-1 lead.The Baron's troops mustered another run for him in the 6th.   Rick Ankiel led off with a double and a 2 out single by Joe Thurston drove in Ankiel and made the score 3-2.Francisco "Charlie Brown" RodriguezWith a one run lead in the 9th inning, Snoopy's trusted friend "Charlie Brown" took the mound to close it out.   Francisco Rodriguez played the role of Charlie Brown better than Brown himself ever could.   He quickly dispatched with the first 2 batters on back-to-back strikeouts.   Then Albert Pujols came to the plate and Met fans had visions of the Charlie Brown whose clothes are knocked off by a line drive back through the box.   Charlie thwarted that plan by walking Pujols.Oh no, not againThen Charlie Brown walked Ryan Ludwick, putting the tying run in scoring position and bringing Molina to the plate.   Would we relive 2006?   Would Charlie Brown be undressed by a game tying line drive?   Not this time.   Brown sealed the deal.   Molina lined out to left field, ending the game and earning a save for Charlie Brown.   Also rendering moot the terrible call by 2nd base umpire Jerry Meals when Pujols had clearly been picked off 2nd base for the final out moments earlier, but for some reason he was called safe and the inning continued.   Charlie Brown shook it off and Snoopy defeated the Red Baron 3-2, taking the series 3 games to 1.Luis "Lucy" CastilloThankfully Luis Castillo did not play the role of "Lucy" and drop any pop-ups, so he does not need to be traded at this time.For the box score please visit yahoo.com1947 - 2009I had this poster on my wall as a teenager.   R.I.P. Farrah Fawcett.