Jimmy "The Saint" Jimmy "The Saint" Warren Zevon wrote and performed a song called Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead on his 1991 album Mr. Bad Example. Roughly 4 years after the song was recorded, a movie with the same name was made.   Spoiler Alert: In the movie a criminal who has gone straight's business has failed and he has to return to crime to make some money.   The particular crime he is supposed to commit goes horribly wrong and he and those helping him commit it are faced with their death as retribution.   The movie is largely the tale of what these people do when faced with their impending death.Jerry "The Manager"The New York Mets 2009 season has gone horribly wrong and they've been left for dead.   With their death all but certain, they're enjoying a resurgence of sorts against the Colorado Rockies who happen to play in Denver.   Yeah it's a stretch but it's all I've got tonight.The Man With The PlanThe Mets took the lead they would never relinquish in the 2nd inning.   Jeff Francouer, recently acquired by the general manager with a plan Omar Minaya, has been a revelation and the trend continued with his RBI single.The Man With A Plan?Luis Castillo continued his resurgence with a 3rd inning RBI single for a 2-0 Met lead.   Brian Schneider's 4th inning sacrifice fly gave the Mets a 3-0 lead and gave them 3 consecutive innings scoring a run.   Daniel Murphy's RBI single in the 8th capped the scoring.   Mets 4, Rockies 0.Mr. ShhhMike Pelfrey shushed the Rockies with 6 1/3 innings of shutout ball.   He was especially effective against Clint Barmes when it mattered most, getting him to pop up twice with 2 outs and the bases loaded.   Pedro Feliciano and Sean Green finished the job.   Feliciano was particularly good, with 3 strikeouts in 1 2/3 innings.   David Wright, Murphy and Alex Cora each had 2 hits on offense, and Murphy started a spectacular double play on defense.Mr. PelfreyPlease visit yahoo.com for the box score.