ZzzzzzI awoke on my couch, rubbed my eyes and looked at the TV.   The "Espy Awards" show was on.   I thought "that's odd."   I would never knowingly watch the Espys.   Then I remembered.   I had been watching the Mets play the Braves.   I must've fallen asleep.   The last thing I remember is Elmer Dessens replacing Tim Redding with the bases loaded.The day began with a big breakfastI got up early this morning.   I had a big day ahead.   I needed lots of energy so I started with a big breakfast.   Yummy.   Then I got started.Trimmed the trees, didn't hang any stockingsSpent the balance of the morning and most of the afternoon doing yard work.   Cut lots of branches.   Put down some of that black stuff that keeps weeds from growing, shoveled wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow full of rocks onto it making some paths.   From the driveway up to the deck first, then from the deck to the pool.   It was almost time for the game.Pizza Party!I ate more pizza than I had since I was in my early 20's.   Had a few beers to.   Then moved into the living room and sat on the couch to watch the Mets.   I was drowsy and lay down on the couch.   The last thing I remember is it was 2-1 Braves and Elmer Dessens was coming in from the bullpen to take over for Tim Redding with the bases loaded.   I checked the box score and found that I couldn't have fallen asleep at a better time.   Mets lost 7-1.   Well, at least I only missed a few minutes of "Family Guy."Lucky there's a Family Guy