This is actually some Facebook graffiti I drew for a friend a couple years ago. Enjoy!In a pair of hilarious pair of NY Post "articles", the newspaper takes some great pot-shots at all things Philadelphia. The articles are filled with quotes from people off the streets of New York, and I'll leave most of the great material for you to read on their website, but here are a couple gems...In "The Frillies are coming to town", Alex Rusu of Gramercy says "Their most famous athlete is Rocky, and he's fictional."In "Phanatic is a pain in the mascot", in regards to the Phanatic Patrick O'Neill of the Bronx says "Mr. Met is even better than that -- and Mr. Met is retarded."I realize that last one's a shot at the Mets too...but it's still hilarious.The Philadelphia Inquirer took some much weaker pot-shots at the Yankees and New York City. The article "Yankees are a team Phils fans love to hate",   quotes "The folks at are selling T-shirts that feature a picture of Jesus and the phrase, "Jesus Hates the Yankees." Nobody is printing "Jesus hates the Phillies" shirts, because the team doesn't inspire that kind of contempt. Philadelphia has a much different image, the city and its baseball team more blue-collar and scrappy."Oh really, Philly Inquirer? The team doesn't inspire contempt? ALL Philadelphia teams and their fans inspire great contempt. I only have to interview myself to solve that mystery. But a quick google search discredited the Inquirer before you can even say "Vick's an Eagle, hide your beagle!" Looks like the Inquirer struck out looking!hahOn the "who to root for" front, I've actually seen both Phillies and Yankees fans reject Mets fans who want to jump on their respective bandwagon. Now this I really don't understand. Do fans of either team really think that they can sway who we root for? After all, 99% of us are rooting against one of the teams, rather than in favor of one.